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Film Credits....


Safe  Safe Productions (2011) Director: Boaz Yakin
Limitless  Universal Pictures (2010) Director: Neil Burger
The Best and the Brightest  Independent (2009) Director: Josh Shelov
Law Abiding Citizen  The Film Department (2009) Director: F. Gary Gray
Happy Tears  Independent  (2008) Director: Mitchell Lichtenstein
The Answer Man  Independent  (2008) Director: John Hindman
Passionada  Independent  (2002)

Director: Dan Ireland

Kate & Leopold  Miramax Films  (2001) Director: James Mangold
Snipes  Independent  (2001) Director: Richard Murray
A Gentlemanís Game  Independent  (2001) Director: J. Mills Goodloe
All Access:  Live!  Sony IMAX  (2000) Director: Martyn Atkins
The Way of the Gun  Artisan  (2000) Director: Christopher McQuarrie
Requiem for a Dream  Artisan  (1999) Director: Darren Aronofsky
As Good As It Gets  Tri-Star Pictures  (1997)
(New York City re-shoots) 
Director: James L. Brooks
Apt Pupil  Tri-Star Pictures  (1997) Director: Bryan Singer