PICTURES FROM THE ROAD.... These are some of the picture from my road trip - all of the images are "work in progress." Once the trip is complete, a Road Trip Photo Album will be created and posted online. In the mean time, please enjoy the view from the road....


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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These are the work pictures....

Yosemite National Park
6-30loweryosemite1134.jpg (119290 bytes)
Lower Yosemite Falls
6-3lowerfalls1194.jpg (143738 bytes)
Upper Yosemite Falls
6-3waterfall1087.jpg (120018 bytes)
Bridalveil Falls
6-3ansel0028.jpg (81995 bytes)
Ansel Adams???
6-3domesunrise1242.jpg (42428 bytes)
Half Dome at Sunrise
6-3domenidday1427.jpg (123406 bytes)
Half Dome and the valley
6-3domesunet1321.jpg (108673 bytes)
Half Dome at sunset
6-3starsnight1404.jpg (78893 bytes)
Stars above Glacier Point

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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These are a few of the homes I photographed while in Cabo San Lucas.

Glacier National Park, MT
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Most of the park was closed, too much snow in the mountains - these are all pictures of Lake McDonald.

Harlem, MT
4-27harlemmlk0017.jpg (87050 bytes)
MLK Blvd ??
4-27harlembank0018.jpg (111919 bytes)
It's cold in Harlem, MT
4-27harlempark0028.jpg (179719 bytes)
Not exactly Central Park
4-27harlemchurch0025.jpg (112321 bytes)
Baptist church and an
empty lot - just like NYC

Vandalia, MT
4-27val14998.jpg (124987 bytes)
This is the whole town,
in one picture!
4-27val25009.jpg (102931 bytes)
You might just be able to call this  a Ghost Town
4-27val35021.jpg (81013 bytes)
This is the only town building
4-27val45006.jpg (105639 bytes)
And you think Post Office
hours are bad in your town!

Lewis & Clark Expedition - Culbertson, MT
4-27lewisclark14795.jpg (99396 bytes)
Big night in town
4-27oldnew4792.jpg (115921 bytes)
Old and the new
4-27walkingboats4732.jpg (128613 bytes)
Boats on the Missouri River
4-27boats4744.jpg (99730 bytes)
The boats
4-27lewisclark34752.jpg (106779 bytes)
One of the "chase" cars
4-27autographs4874.jpg (98561 bytes)
Signing autographs
4-27eating4847.jpg (143857 bytes)
A nice hot meal
4-27groupshot4900.jpg (153578 bytes)
The men and the boys

Trains in North Dakota
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Rugby, ND - The Geographic Center of North America
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Not much to photograph here, but I felt obligated, it is after all the Geographic Center of North America!!

Rugby, ND

This is farming....

Trains in Grand Forks, North Dakota - Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad

Stefan &  Danny -
This is just like the roundhouse that Thomas, Percy, Gordon and the rest of the engines use while chugging around the Island of Sodor.

Living on the Mississippi River

These houses are floating on the river.

Shane's windmill - Sherrard, IL
4-17windmill23433.jpg (58668 bytes) 4-17windmill3328.jpg (107793 bytes) 4-17windmill3328BW.jpg (75018 bytes) 4-16windmill3328BW.jpg (66955 bytes)
I hope the color looks good - I can't adjust it very well on my laptop.

Wright Brothers - Dayton, OH
4-14catapult0028.jpg (119691 bytes)
A little help on Take-off
4-14thefield0039.jpg (148438 bytes)
Huffman Prairie Field
4-14whiteflag0043.jpg (53088 bytes)
Boundary marker
4-14hangar0022.jpg (89980 bytes)
Airplane hangar
4-15bikeshop0012.jpg (125575 bytes)
The bike shop
4-15modelplanes0008.jpg (108912 bytes)
Model airplanes

Frogs and Fish Erie,  PA & Presque Isle Beach Park
4-12frog13153.jpg (92443 bytes)
Airport Fish
4-12frog22991.jpg (109793 bytes)
Frog 1
4-12frog33020.jpg (148584 bytes)
Frog 2
frog13038.jpg (91354 bytes)
Frog 3
4-12waterhouse0035.jpg (104999 bytes)
Floating houses
4-12canoe3063.jpg (145572 bytes)
Another floating houses
4-12icehouse3111.jpg (77675 bytes)
Ice splashes off the lake
4-12beachpi3120.jpg (72169 bytes)
7 miles of sandy beaches

Niagara Falls - USA & Canada
4-10niagarafalls2813.jpg (71716 bytes)
Niagara Falls - USA
4-10maidmist2583.jpg (151823 bytes)
Maid of the Mist
4-10niagaracan2674.jpg (75415 bytes)
Niagara Falls - Canada
4-10niagarafake2628.jpg (61066 bytes)
Great view of the Falls
4-10colorfalls2828.jpg (76123 bytes)
Niagara Falls - USA
4-10fallscolorusa2929.jpg (81092 bytes)
Niagara Falls - USA
4-10fallscanacolor2901.jpg (46265 bytes)
Niagara Falls - Canada
4-10niagaranight_0019.jpg (159118 bytes)
Niagara Falls at night

The Genesee River, Rochester, NY

The Kodak office building is the tall building in the center of the picture.

Baseball Hall of Fame - Cooperstown, NY

4-7hallfame.jpg (99526 bytes)
Hall of Fame
4-7bwbaseball.jpg (59512 bytes)
Hal of Fame
4-7leakywater.jpg (87895 bytes)
The Hall of Fame has a leak
4-7reggie.jpg (79015 bytes)
Reggie - Mr. October
4-7gehrig.jpg (127628 bytes)
4-7peterose.jpg (98729 bytes)
Pete made it to Cooperstown
4-7staduim.jpg (114590 bytes)
Hall of Fame
4-7redsox.jpg (74469 bytes)
Red Sox fan finally smiles