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July 1, 2005
The trip to Cabo was a nice working vacation - it went an extra three days due to all the work. I did find a little time to put down my camera and slip in a few cold cerveza's, burrito's and even a booze cruise.

On our last night in Cabo Dave and I went out for a few (too many) beers. Dave the "genius boy" decides that taking a leak against a building would be a good idea - the policia thought otherwise. The "man" told Dave it's off to jail for 5 days. However, the best way to stay out of jail in Mexico is to ask the nice officer, "Can I pay the fine now?" The answer: "Of course you can - it's $2,000 pesos," (that's about $200). Dave drank most of his pesos away and he only had 600 pesos, not nearly enough.... He tried his best lines of BS - they didn't want to hear any of it and they kept telling him to pay the fine or go to jail. I thought I might know a way to get Dave out of his jam (I know a little something about dealing with cops), but watching him squirm and sweat was too much fun. As they started walking toward the cash machine I asked one of the officers if he might be able to extend a little courtesy to a "brother" from NYC. It took a few moments for the dollar signs to stop spinning in his eyes, but he finally decided that they could look the other way and that I should take my buddy home.

I'm on my way back in Phoenix (Saturday) and then I start heading back to NJ - I think I'll probably take a more express route home - it will be three months on July 6th!

6-30osha2595.jpg (114169 bytes)
Hmmm...I don't think they have OSHA in Mexico.

6-30selfport5886.jpg (178419 bytes)
My self portrait... 

July 4, 2005
I had to stop and take a couple pictures of a plane dropping red stuff on a brush fire just outside Phoenix, AZ.  I'm no fire expert, but that red stuff wasn't doing a damn thing to help put out the fire. And it kind of looks like the pilot missed his mark - if I were flying the plan I'd at least try to drop the red stuff on the flames. 

After airing out my smokey car I went through Florence, AZ - with out a doubt this town has more convicts than residents - I drove past three prisons, a handful of bail bond shops and one arrest processing center. The quaint little town also has a couple trailer parks (I'm going to go out on a limb here) and I'll bet quite a few of those trailers are filled with prison alumni.  I think they might want to consider re-naming the town Jail, AZ.  

I watched fireworks in the town center parking lot (with about 1,000 other people) in Tucson, AZ - I think I'm getting too old for fireworks, they just don't do it for me anymore....

And, for those of you who have been wondering where I brush my teeth at night when I sleep in the car, here's the answer ---> 

Nothing like a truck stop restroom equipment with the newest technology - yes, that's a  four selection condom machine on the wall.

By the way, the temperature has been in the low 100's for the past few days - but no worries, it's a dry heat!

7-4fire6727.jpg (98520 bytes)
A brush fire in AZ

7-4firewroks6768.jpg (138879 bytes)
Happy 4th of July
from Tucson, AZ

7-4bathroom0032.jpg (118712 bytes)
What better place to
brush your teeth?

July 5, 2005
When I first started the trip I tried to sleep in a hotel when the temperature was below freezing, now that I'm in the desert I've decided a hotel is a pretty good idea when the temperature is above 85 degrees. I slept in the car last night and almost melted when the sun came up in the morning.  

I made a quick stop in Tombstone, AZ - if you're into "outlaws and lawmen" or you think western movies and the basic western lifestyle is cool then this town is a must stop! If you're like me, just grab some breakfast and keep driving.

I was much more intrigued by the giant cream-colored fence that's keeps the Mexican people out of the USA. The Border Patrol has trucks stationed about every 200 yards to watch the fence - they will pounce on anyone who tries to get into their yard!

I have a couple ideas, first, why not make the bend in the top of the fence face Mexico and second, how about we divert a couple hundred million dollars (I don't think we'll even need that much) from the Iraq quagmire and put a little electric charge into the fence - I'll bet a couple jolts of fence lightning might make people think twice.

I finally made it to Las Cruces, NM where I spent the night at my Aunt Lee's house. 

7-5okcoral0009.jpg (144347 bytes)
The O.K. Corral,
Tombstone, AZ

7-5borderpatrol0049.jpg (119020 bytes)
US Border Patrol,
Douglas AZ

7-5garbagefence0042.jpg (145512 bytes)
That's the fence to keep the "bad people" out.

7-5jbfence0035.jpg (104759 bytes)
I snuck my arm (and camera)  into Mexico for this picture.


July 6, 2005
The only thing I did today that was worthy of a web mention was watching the bat flight at the Carlsbad Caverns. At dusk, over 400,000 bats fly out of their cave for a night of food and fun. A storm was brewing the evening I was there - the lightening added a nice touch to the "flight."

Don't waste your time at the Roswell, NM UFO tourist trap.

7-6bats6966.jpg (90442 bytes)
"Bat Flight," Carlsbad, NM

July 7, 2005
Some people are boycotting France or Aruba - I'm boycotting Texas, I just can't stand being in W's state! Although, I did end up spending the night here and I stopped at the local Jersey Mike's sub shop (they shouldn't have to suffer for W's ignorance, incompetence and inability)!

Out of Texas! Off to Louisiana....

7-7mikesdallas0025.jpg (142752 bytes)
Jersey Mikes, Dallas, TX:
Elizabeth, Trevor, Autumn and  J.B. 

July 8, 2005
I think it's fair to say that I'm in the South - although, the people here tell me that Mississippi is really the South - I'll keep you posted! 

I figured the best way to get the real flavor of the area is to go to the local bar and meet the people - check this guy out ---->  

The folks at the bar were drinking, smoking, playing pool (and darts) and listening to country music - that's a good southern bar in my book. And, some one was so drunk that they ran into another car in the bar parking lot...

7-8southerngman0448.jpg (96756 bytes)
A good ol' southern gentleman

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