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July 9, 2005
There's a big storm coming..... And because of that, EVERY hotel room in the area is sold out! No worries - my car is water tight (I hope)! 

I've also decide that I'm now OK with Wal-Mart and casinos taking over the USA - they are great for road travelers - clean bathrooms and they're open 24 hours a day. I've also discovered the beauty of truck stop showers - just a couple bucks gets you a nice hot shower (towel and soap included). It's possible that I won't have to ever stay in a hotel again. 

I'm tired of black jack (more loses than wins), so the horses at the Louisiana Downs caught my eye. As I walked to the rail to watch the horses I noticed a news photographer shooting pictures - I asked him if it would be OK for me to shoot some pictures from the press tower. He talked to the press guy at the track and it was all good - so I took pictures instead of betting - at least I didn't lose any money.

I also went to the local "water fountain" in downtown Shreveport, LA. It's a pretty unique way to keep people cool in hot weather - water just shoots up into the air and the kids, yell, scream and run through the water. 

7-9horserace7708.jpg (118050 bytes)
Horse racing at
Louisiana Downs

7-8waterfun7329.jpg (105683 bytes)
Coolin off....

7-8watersilhtt7200.jpg (145879 bytes)
Kids at the water park

July 10, 2005
I'm cruising down Route 80 (somewhere in LA) when I saw a bright yellow bi plane turn final for landing. It took a minute to find the airport and when I arrived the Waco (that's the name of the plane) was taxing toward the hangar - so I headed toward the hangar to check it out. Long story short, Dan the pilot asked if I wanted to go for a spin - and of course I accepted his offer. As we flew around "Dan's playground" in the sky he pointed out the highlights and gave me a quick lesson about the history of Vicksburg, MS. After landing, Dan, Nathan (his son) and I went for lunch in Vicksburg - there is nothing better then good people, good food and good aviation conversation. The best days are the ones you don't expect!

After lunch (it was actually an early dinner) I continued east toward Alabama, but not before getting a picture of this god fearing persons house. 

Once again, no hotel rooms anywhere so I spent the night at the Ford Motel in rainy  Selma, AL. By the way, my car is water tight  :) 


7-10midfield8040.jpg (79761 bytes)
Mid-field entry for
landing on runway 36

7-11danplane8121.jpg (106715 bytes)
Dan and his Waco

7-11jbplane8113.jpg (117679 bytes)
J.B. and the Waco

7-10feargodIMG_8130.jpg (157716 bytes)
Now those are nice
lawn ornaments!

July 11, 2005
First stop of the day was Selma, AL - I was looking for a place to get lunch when I came across the Selma Voting Rights Monument and Park - it's really not that eye-catching, it looks like an abandoned road side monument, but it intrigued me enough to want to learn more about "Bloody Sunday" on March 7, 1965.  Since my knowledge of civil rights history isn't very good I headed to the  National Voting Rights Museum & Institute (just over the bridge from the Voting Rights Park) where I met a guy (I didnít get his name) who gave me a great lesson in the history of voting rights (or lack of). They do things a lot different in the South!!

After Selma, I had to stop in Birmingham, AL to see more about the fight for civil rights. Since the big storm had just rolled through AL most things were closed but I did get a chance to see the Southern Poverty Law Center Civil Rights Memorial and the church where MLK and MLK Jr. preached.

I thought my day of education and fun was coming to an end when I saw a sign for Greyhound racing (live and in person) at VictoryLane Dog Track - I had to stop and bet the dogs. The first 5 races I made my bets based on my "expert" decisions about past races, weight,  trainers/kennel, an the odds - I won nothing! The last 5 races I just looked at the dogs as they entered the track and made my bets based entirely on their look and disposition - and that's when I started to win!  


7-11bridgesign8147.jpg (111198 bytes)
The bridge and the park

7-11vrightspark8137.jpg (127105 bytes)
Voting Rights Park

7-11teacher8151.jpg (102127 bytes)
Voting rights teacher

7-11mlkchurch8161.jpg (140843 bytes)
MLK & MLK, Jr's church

7-11memorial8193.jpg (81653 bytes)
Southern Poverty
Law Center

7-11justice8177.jpg (118765 bytes)
Civil Rights Monument

7-11greyhound8202.jpg (144370 bytes)
Greyhound racing,
I couldn't resist!

July 12, 2005
I did a whole lot of nothing today - basically I just drove in the rain and clouds through Georgia to Cherokee, NC - tomorrow I'll begin my drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

July 13, 2005
The Blue Ridge Parkway is just lovely - I think I'll be taking the highway tomorrow!

And, I did get a chance to stop at Jersey Mikes in Asheville, NC - I didn't take the picture - the owners wife gave it her best shot. 

I also stopped for a few beers tonight - PBR only $1 - can't beat that with a stick!

7-14tree8226.jpg (102650 bytes)
Blue Ridge Parkway

7-14motorcycle8264.jpg (256257 bytes)
The scenic
Blue Ridge Parkway

7-13mikes0002.jpg (126862 bytes)
Jersey Mikes - Asheville, NC

July 14 & 15, 2005
I just couldn't stay off the Blue Ridge Parkway - I was hoping the sun would come out or maybe I just didn't want to miss anything as everyone I've spoken to says this is the most scenic drive in the entire USA. But, because of the weather I can't really comment on the scenic beauty - most of what I saw was fog, clouds and rain. However, I did manage to get a few pictures along the way. 

After driving over 450 miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway I continued north for another few hours and ended my day at the home of a friend from college - Damon Kiesow. 

When I woke up the next afternoon I headed over to the Air & Space Museum (the new one at Dulles Airport) to check out the Space Shuttle and a bunch of other aircraft - it's a very nice museum.



I expect to be back in NJ on Saturday - I'll plan to be "touching down" at  Jersey Mike's Sub Shop around 6pm.  I started the trip there so I think it's only proper to end it at the sub shop. 

7-14ducks0025.jpg (123325 bytes)
Mabry Mill
BRP mile marker 176.1

7-14horseshoe0038.jpg (133974 bytes)
The local blacksmith

7-15shuttle0082.jpg (82587 bytes)
Air & Space Museum at Dulles Airport

July 16, 2005
IT'S OVER!! I was on the road for 101 days, although 16 of the days were spent working in Mexico. A huge thanks to all the people who visited the site, signed the guest book, sent me emails, called me on the phone and let me stay in their homes.

In the next month or two I plan to have a photo show where I will display many of the pictures from my road trip - please sign my guest book so you can be notified via email when and where the photo show will take place. 

Thanks again for joining me on the trip!  :)   

Here are some Road Trip stats:

-- Days on the road: 101
-- Total miles: 14,041 

-- Sunny days: 97 - Rainy days: 3 - Hurricanes: 1

-- States visited: 27 -- Countries visited: 2 -- National Parks visited: 6

-- Jersey Mikes visited: 7

-- Stopped by police: 4 -- Tickets by police: 0  -- not too bad, huh  :)

-- Nights couch surfing: 2

-- Pictures taken: 12,500+

-- Oil Changes: 3 -- Average price of gas: $2.25 -- Gas mileage: 18 to 22 mpg

THANKS - J.B.  :)

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