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May 4, 2005
Heading to Seattle, WA and then Vancouver, Canada....

I stopped to grab a bite to eat in a cute little German town called Leavenworth, WA. Since I'm of German heritage I figured I'd have a couple eggs with German sausage - bad choice! After eating my greasy breakfast I strolled through town - basically it's a larger version of New Hope, PA with German style and charm.   

As I continued on Rt. 2 through the Cascade Mountains (which are as nice as any national park) I made a stop at the Baring, WA post office. This post office, located inside the general store,  is loaded with history and the postmaster is a sweetheart.  After taking care of my postal business we snapped a few pictures and even discussed her upcoming road trip to the mid west. It's nice to be helped by the postmaster.

I stopped in Seattle for a quick break and was able to have dinner with my cousin Steve, his wife Kristine and their 5 month-old daughter Hazel.

5-4leavenworth0004.jpg (117953 bytes)

5-4postoffice00042.jpg (174244 bytes)
Baring, WA 98224
Post Office

5-4postmaster0048.jpg (190818 bytes)
Postmaster - Baring, WA

May 5, 2005
The Canadian government seems to think that I'm going to stay in Canada and work as a photographer - they gave me a "hall pass" which expires on May 23, 2005. My lack of a job, my current residence (or lack of) and my general nonchalant attitude caused them great concern about my true intentions. I kept telling them I was just on vacation....

What's really going to throw them off is that I'll be going to Cabo San Lucas for a week with "Canada Dave" - we leave tomorrow (Friday) morning and we'll be there taking pictures, drinking beer and enjoying the local way of life till next weekend.

I'm not sure about web access while I'm there so please be patient during the upcoming week - I'll do my best to update the site while on the "Canada/ Mexico" part of my roadtrip.

While in Canada I'm staying with my friends Kate and Huw - those are their kids..... 

5-4hallpass0003.jpg (204855 bytes)
My Canadian "hall pass"

5-4harris0002.jpg (155396 bytes)
Ben, Megan, Ethan

May 6 to 13, 2005
The road trip takes a little break and heads south of the border to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I was in Cabo shooting pictures and just hanging out with my friend Dave.

Here's how they decide if you're going to get searched by Customs at the airport - you push a button at the exit gate, if the light above you turns red you stay, if it's green you go - no person decides, it's just the luck of the light.

I thought people in Hawaii were slow, now that I've been to Mexico I have a new respect for the Hawaiian work ethic and ability to get things done in a timely manner.

We took as little drive outside the tourist area - it's a lot different there - sometimes the man just shuts off the water or they just don't send the water to certain neighborhoods for a couples of days. Electricity can be hit and miss too.

It's amazing that some people can live without clean water and electricity while others complain when their infinity style pool, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, hasn't been cleaned properly.  

If the Mexican housekeeper offers you a frozen margarita and says, "Amigo, this is a good tequila," think twice, but do it anyway - then just use the auto focus on your camera for the next few hours. 

Dave and I were driving through a dirt parking lot when we bumped into this guy trying to sell us jumper cables. We asked why he's selling the cables and he gives us this hard luck story about being in Cabo to see his ex-wife and how he got ripped off earlier in the week. My interest was peaked, so I asked him what happened - he explains that he stopped for gas and broke out a fat wad of cash to pay the cashier. A couple of characters of questionably integrity decide this Gringo was a good mark - the bad men followed him until he pulled over to sleep for the night and that's when they had the chance to jack this guy for all his loot - I guess they weren't interested in the jumper cables. He also explained that he was the first American to get married in Cabo and his wife was the Harbormaster's daughter - it appears that we were speaking with local legend!  

Vending is a Mexican profession that can not be overlooked - children begin their vendor training well before they ever attend school - not being in school means they can train in chicklet and whistle vending during the midnight shift. It appears that after you've successfully completed your apprenticeship you can leave the street behind and move to the beach where you can sell bracelets, jewelry, rugs, blankets, wooden animal carvings or picture frames.

The standard operating procedure for beer consumption is "take at least one for the road." We were having a few beers (I mean shooting pictures) late into the evening, and as we headed out the door the owner insisted we take a few beers with us - no respectable host would let their guests leave empty handed. You're also more than welcome to drink your beer with on the street and it's just fine to bring it with you as you go from bar to bar.

They don't seem to have many laws in Mexico - or if they do, no one seems to care  abut them or even enforce them. The security guards who work in the wealthy communities just lift the gate when you pull up (no automatic gates in Mexico) - most of the time it's no questions asked - just come on in!

Most of our time was spent working, however we (Dave is an early to bed, early to rise guy) did find some time to squeeze in a few visits to the local bars. Cabo is a  pretty serious party town. El Squid Roe has loud music and ladies dancing on the tables. The Giggling Marlin pulls in the younger and older crowd, it might be described as a "target rich environment." As you can see from the picture, people get their legs hooked up and then they hang upside (just like a marlin) to do a couple of shots. What you can't see in the picture (but can see in the mpeg), is that wearing a mini skirt and being hung upside don't mix very well - shoot me an email and I'll send you the mpeg - its pretty good for a laugh  :)

If you like expensive houses check out the pictures page.

....I'll spend a few days in Canada and then I'm back on the road.

5-10niceview.jpg (87981 bytes)
A nice view of the Pacific

5-10ghouse20019.jpg (130279 bytes)
...And you thought your neighborhood was rough!

5-10ghouse30021.jpg (168428 bytes)
That's a house

5-10holaagain.jpg (282264 bytes) ....everybody needs a break
now and then.

5-10dumb0015.jpg (172890 bytes)
What a story...

5-10Ichicklets0017.jpg (122597 bytes)
Chicklets for sale!

5-10boat6715.jpg (137234 bytes)
Hey Amigo - Can I take
the wheel ?

5-10burito0008.jpg (133559 bytes)
A real chicken burrito

5-10postcard7134.jpg (122009 bytes)
My postcard from Cabo

May 14 to 20, 2005
Not much going on - I've been in Vancouver for the past week working on the pictures I took while in Cabo - pretty boring. This is what I've been doing ----->

I head out to Seattle on Friday and then down the Pacific Coast Highway into Oregon and California.

5-20vancouver0014.jpg (125919 bytes)
Hard at work