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June 16, 2005

What a day! The plan was to get up around 11am, meet my friend Kelly for lunch, and then head to the Grand Canyon or some other interesting spot on the way to Phoenix, AZ. The plan didn't work - but everything eventually worked out for the better in the end.

I got a call from Kelly in the morning telling me that lunch was off because some one stole her car (right out of her apartment parking lot) and she was busy with the cops and the insurance company. I figured I'd still stop at her place on the way out of Vegas to give her the words of encouragement I used to give the unfortunate people of NYC when their car was poached, "Don't worry you have insurance," and  "This is the kind of thing that builds character."  Great words of wisdom, huh!   :)

When I got to her place around 1pm she told me the cops found her car in the desert and they were sending over a flatbed to pick it up because it had no tires - this was an obvious photo opportunity! In the end, I didn't leave Vegas until 6pm.

My day slowed again due to a stop at Hoover Dam (I only took mental pictures). By the time I arrived in Kingman, AZ and had dinner it was almost 9pm - too late to make it all the way to Phoenix - so I decided to go to Laughlin, NV (only a 1/2 hour away) and grab a hotel room for only $22.

After checking in at the Flamingo hotel/casino I heard the $2 black jack table calling my name - off I went with $40 in hand - 4 hours later I was up $35 and it was time to quit. However, while I was at the table I met Mike and Patti who invited me to join them on their boat the next day (at that point it was just a few hours later).  

6-18notires0056.jpg (121104 bytes)
Damn....  No tires!

6-18kellynotires0064.jpg (121409 bytes)
Kelly and her tireless Acura

6-18thefinger1679.jpg (98964 bytes)
Is that cactus giving me
the finger?

June 17, 2005
I got to bed at 5am and was up at 8:55am in order to be in the casino lobby to meet Mike and Patti at 9:15an so we could head over to Lake Mohave.

Mike and Patti are great people and the day on the lake was fantastic. We cruised around stopping at various coves - drinking beer and enjoying some great sites!

I finally ended the night at Mike Raymond's house in Gilbert, AZ (15 minutes from Phoenix).  

6-18mikepatty0109.jpg (129357 bytes)
Mike & Patti on Lake Mohave
6-183someboat0116.jpg (150975 bytes)
JB, Patti & Mike

June 18, 2005
I spent the day buying shorts at Goodwill (only $4 for two pairs of shorts), getting new contacts and hanging out around the pool with Mike and his girlie Tracy.

6-18afewbers0031.jpg (113545 bytes)
After a few beers....

June 19 to 30, 2005
The almost 3-month road trip will be winding down very soon - I'm off to Cabo San Lucas, again - work can really screw up a good vacation! I'll be there shooting pictures till June 30th, then heading back to NJ.

Look for the final few pictures and updates starting on July 1, 2005.

6-18dessert0135.jpg (164205 bytes)
Dusk in the desert

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